With 16 years of experience as a visual communications consultant to executives, Renatta has supported meetings and events for Fortune 500 companies and institutions around the world and across industries. She uses her unique set of skills (business, group facilitation, dialogue techniques, deep listening etc.) and diverse background to keep up with live business meetings, from boardroom conversations to large events. She has the ability to create visualizations in real time of group processes, discussions and their outcomes and the result will serve the group during the meeting and in the future. 


Renatta is formally trained as a Nutritionist and Visual Artist and has experience in health care, the food industry, marketing and people management. Her specialty as a visual artist is in working with acrylics. Renatta serves at the Board of IFVP, the professional association for the field since 2014 and she is a founding member of the IFVP Institute.






Lisa Allen is a wife, mom, community leader, and serial volunteer. She currently sits on two non-profit boards: HTTV and the IFVP Institute, and is also the Co-President of the Summit High School PTO in NJ.  


As a life-long learner, her experience focuses on people, policy, and human productivity, in areas ranging from Community Engagement, Corporate Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and Media.  As a Legislative Liaison, she enjoys helping constituents of her district navigate state agencies to bring resolution to challenges they are facing.


Lisa earned an M.A. in Public and Organizational Relations from Montclair State University and is a certified life coach. Her research interests are Deliberative Dialogue and how Trust is influenced by politics, culture, and social media. 










Philip Bakelaar has been a member of IFVP and a board member since the 2015. He discovered visual practice when attending the Pegasus Systems Thinking conferences in connection with his adjunct teaching at Montclair State University. Trainings at The Grove led to responding to an invitation to scribe at the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation where he met Stephanie Brown and was introduced to IFVP and Neuland markers!


Dr. Bakelaar holds a PhD in Rhetoric and Communication from Temple University and has been an adjunct professor at Montclair State University since 1992.

He serves on many nonprofit boards and was drawn to IFVP by comments in the strategic vision relating to connections to academic studies and the establishment of a 501(c)(3). This has been accomplished by our 2019 conference at Montclair and the establishment of The IFVP Institute. His base full time work is as a parish clergy within the Reformed Church in America for the past 37 years. 







By combining my skills as an applied drama practitioner, a university lecturer, and a kinaesthetic-visual thinker, I provide handmade lo-fi/hi-fi arts-based (graphic) facilitation. 


I am insatiably curious, a great listener, quick on my feet, easy to work with, energetic, and fluent in English and Finnish.

I like to work in real-time and on-site, using markers on large sheets of paper. As an alternative, I can work small-scale, taking visual notes as an event participant on paper or an iPad. I also provide drama-based participatory facilitation.


I often co-operate with select service design, strategic foresight, HR-consultants or other facilitators, offering another dimension to their workshops. Or I can work on my own, facilitating or graphically recording talks, meetings, group sessions or whole events.

My strength is my ability to quickly capture information, see connections, support collaboration and communicate a holistic picture.




With a few others, Susan started the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) in1995 by hosting annual conferences to bring together kindred spirits in the visual practice world of that time. She was a founding board member of IFVP when, in 2002, the organization was legally recognized with a tax status and a board of directors. She has continued with IFVP as a member since its inception and as a contributor to the annual conferences at various times throughout the years.


Susan learned her visual trade beginning in 1980. After having spent 10 years at a major community foundation in San Francisco, CA, she decided to take the plunge and start her own graphic facilitation business. That was born in 1984 and she has never looked back. She was fortunate to work with several leading organizational development consultants, facilitators and leaders that allowed her to add those pieces to her resume. 








Sam Brad is a graphic facilitator, meeting facilitator, and the foun

 Sam Bradd is a graphic facilitator, meeting facilitator, and the founder of Drawing Change. Sam combines 20 years’ facilitation experience with visual tools to help groups engage, solve problems and lead.

Throughout his career, Sam has worked with researchers on four continents, the World Health Organization, Indigenous communities, and groups working to change the world. He has a Master’s Degree in Education (UBC). Sam's facilitation integrates frameworks from Appreciative Inquiry, participatory decision making, Integral Facilitation, Art of Hosting, Deep Democracy and uses an intersectional and anti-racism lens.


He is the co-editor of two books including Drawn Together through Visual Practice (2016), a number of book chapters, and is a co-founder of the award-winning Graphic History Collective. He’s a white settler of Italian and Scottish background, and lives in Vancouver Canada, (unceded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territories).