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Susan Kelly has a book for you!

The Big Picture©


In 2019, she completed a book, which is based on what she has learned over the years as the best areas to focus on to create healthy, thriving organizations (and communities). In a nutshell, that would be a combination of People Intelligence, Process Intelligence and Visual Intelligence. The book is entitled The Big Picture: Breathing Life into Our Organizations.


It can be viewed free in its entirety at this link.








The World of Visual Facilitation


Let’s say you are a facilitator and you would like to know more about using visual tools. Maybe you are not yet a visual facilitator but are keen on learning more about this field and specializing in it someday. Now imagine that there is this book called “World of Visual Facilitation” ( we mean literally world!) in which you can find different tips, methods, approaches on a lot of micro fields of Visual Facilitation. Sounds awesome right?

With 50+ co-authors from around the globe, this book has a broad spectrum of working visually. More information here.